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QR Tools

wget && chmod +x && sudo ./ && rm && qr-generator -h wget && chmod +x && sudo ./ && rm && qr-generator -h

QR-Tools is a powerful collection of tools.
You can use it to read and generate QR-Codes.


These tools have many capabilities.

The QR-Reader can read almost any type of QR-Codes.
And it is extremely easy to generate QR-Codes with the user friendly UI of our QR-Code Generator.

The QR Code Generator creates QR-Codes that contain more than just text.
It is perfect for you if you want to generate QR-Codes that contain...

  • Plain Text and Hyperlinks(micro qr codes also supported)
  • Wifi connection information
  • SMS Messages
  • Emails
  • Contact Details
  • Event Details

  • You can also add your custom logo on the generated QR-Code
    (This doesn't work with micro-qr codes).